Lockdown 4* in 1K Hotel Paris

Once upon a time there was a safe journey. A trip without quarantine and without curfew. You will not be asked for a PCR test at the arrival but be sure that a strict sanitary protocol is followed by the hotel teams in order to limit all risks of Covid-19 contamination.

1K Paris, your direct flight to South America without moving from Paris !

If you are tempting to travel for a day, a "staycation" night or a stay of several days, head for the center of Paris, in the heart of the trendy Marais district and go our 4-star hotel, 1K Paris,  in order to upgrade your quarantine. As a bonus, in this hotel, the walls and decoration are so colorful that it feels like summer all year long. Honestly, it will be hard to find something more exotic at the moment.

3 quarantine options at 1K Paris

Whatever you desire and need for this November quarantine, the 1K Paris hotel will have a tailor-made offer just for you so that you can escape your routine for a while.

Option 1: discover our exclusive quarantine offer

You live far from Paris and you regularly come to the capital for your professional activity. The exclusive quarantine offer is especially dedicated to business travel. You can book a stay of at least 7 days in an M Superior room with an ultra-preferential fixed rate and you will enjoy breakfast included, all-you-can-drink coffee and a very high speed Wi-Fi connection for your remote working day.

Hands up Remote Workers, option 2 is made for you!

You have been telecommuting for a long time and you are starting to be bored of being locked up at home all the time, choose our daily "Work & Chill" offer, available for a M Superior Room. Indeed, changing your work place for a day can boost your creativity and productivity, so why not trying the experience of 4-star remote working day in an exotic setting inspired by Latin America countries. All-you-can-drink coffee and very high speed wifi are of course included in the "Work & Chill" offer. To work without being disturbed, you will have access to a room from 8 am to 8 pm and for your breaks, you can relax in one of the colorful spaces of the 1K Paris hotel. On the menu, a selection of tacos and cocktails will bring the comfort touch we all need at the end of this 2020 epic year.

Option 3: Upgrade your quarantine at 1K Paris

The first season of quarantine in spring has already given you the opportunity to rethink all your home setting, to explore every nook, you are now short of ideas when it comes to find new occupations in your house. You just need to clear your mind in a new cozy place, our "Fresh Air needed" option available free of charge for any bookings is all you need to level up this period.

As a bonus, the 1K Paris is coming to you with a brand new Take Away offer from Inka restaurant and La Mezcaleria Paris Bar

If on the kitchen side, you are going around in circles and lacking of imagination for your next lunch, dinner and aperitif with your loved one(s). Don’t worry, the 1K Paris hotel will make you happy and delight you thanks to a new take away offer ideal for a lunch break between 2 Zoom meetings or for an "almost normal" aperitif evening. You can now order a selection of food and drinks with Latin flavors with a Grab & Go option or choose the delivery option with UberEats. Since the beginning of 2020 Fall, La Mezcaleria Paris has become a Taquería and its team has joined forces with the Inka restaurant team to imagine a delicious take away menu. Mezcal + tacos, the perfect combo to spice up your quarantine daily life!

Whether you choose to book to 1K Paris for a day or a short stay or just order our new Food and Cocktail Take Away offer, you will get a bite of exoticism and comfort you all need at that moment. 

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