INKA – Peruvian Restaurant in Paris

Immediate take-off for a trip to Peru!

With its colorful storefront and green plants, INKA transports us to the colorful folklore of the Andes. A Peruvian restaurant and bar in the heart of the 3rd arrondissement, Parisians and tourists alike come to discover typical Peruvian dishes in a convivial atmosphere.




Immediate take off for a trip to Peru!

With its colourful storefront and green plants, straight upon entering, the INKA transports us into the colourful folklore of the Andes. A Peruvian restaurant and bar in the heart of the 3rd district, Parisians and tourists come to discover the traditional dishes of Peru in a friendly spirit.

The craze for Peruvian cuisine around the world

Peruvian gastronomy has been seducing gourmets for a few years. Soon, all the spotlights will be on South America and its traditional dishes. From New York to London, new Grand Chefs have given the Peruvian culinary art a new territory of expression conducive to making our taste buds travel. From the best Michelin restaurants to small neighbourhood Cevicherias, Michelin-starred chefs and international restaurants, traditional Andean cuisine spreads beyond the borders of the Amazon Forest.

The Peruvian restaurant INKA, the revival of Peruvian cuisine in Paris

The INKA restaurant at the 1K Paris hotel was the first contemporary Peruvian restaurant in Paris. Indeed, it imported the typical dishes of Peru in the heart of the City of Light, in the Marais district. In 2019, the INKA welcomed a new talented Chef, Juan Carlos Récamier. Therefore, the concept of the restaurant at the 1K Paris hotel has been redesigned to return to the fundamentals of Peruvian and Nikkei cuisine. For centuries, Peruvian gastronomy has been enriched by all the cultures of the world and especially of Japan. Indeed, Nikkei gastronomy creates a fusion cuisine with Peruvian and Japanese influences. Therefore, Nikkei cuisine focuses on seasonings and preparations based on raw fish or seafood.

Taste the Andean culinary specialties from the Inka menu

The Peruvian restaurant INKA offers tasty cuisine in a warm atmosphere with Latin accents. On the menu are fresh homemade products. To start the festivities, sweet potato chips can indulge your appetite. Another appetizer made from corn and lime will appeal to aperitif lovers. We then move on to the Chef's specialty: the ceviche and the tiraditos. White or blue fish such as tuna, shrimp, scallops or seafood are in the spotlight. And, the selection of fresh fish evolves through the seasons. The Chef favours the local terroir. Vegetarians can be tempted by the platillos with exotic tastes. They will have the choice of enjoying a beet salad or a potato dish. The potato is a flagship product of Inca cuisine. It forms the basis of many typical Peruvian dishes. Finally, another veggie option is the quinoa solterito from Peru. In fact, it is a popular Peruvian dish made like a quinoa salad and spiced up with aji peppers. Meat lovers will be delighted with Nikkei Beef Tartare made from Charolais. As a nod to French gastronomy this tartare is presented in a marrow bone. The larger appetites will continue their meal with slightly more generous dishes. The Anticuchos of meat will seduce carnivores. These Peruvian skewers are cooked in a yakitori grill. A vegetarian alternative with cooked mushrooms also exists. Octopus rice is also a delight. Finally, the dessert menu is equally surprising. An avocado creation plays on textures and the mixing of flavours. The Iucuma dessert is enhanced by a granita of pitaya and a mango coulis cooked on the barbecue.

Finally, the creations of our barmen like the Pisco Sour cocktail or the Latino wine list will accompany these dishes.

The Peruvian restaurant INKA awaits you for lunch and dinner to take you on a journey to the foothills of the Andes.



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