La Mezcaleria not only represents one of the most unique Mexican cocktail destinations in the City of Lights, it has also become a chic reference point for fashion and events in the Marais district. If you find your way through the bustling kitchen of Inka Restaurant you transcend into a cocktail bar experience that transports you straight to Mexico, to the legendary Oaxaca district, home of Mezcal.



This is a universe where Mezcal is centerstage and cocktails are your boarding passes to transform a simple sip into a multi-faceted journey thanks to a range over 100 unique brands of Mezcal, heritage and tradition in a bottle. With the new bar team of Mezcaleria, the knowledge and passion of mixology will be shared with you every night as they carry out their commitment to provide exceptional unique bar experiences.



You can start the journey with the deeply powerful harmony of Mezcal and Rum in the Rangolada, leaving you wishing that you could sample the whole menu in one go.  Or you can travel through the sweeter, fresher streets of Oaxaca with the Wolf Gang, explore the whole map with the seriously Mexican Murrey y Muerte, get a kick of the engine with I Am The Driver, before resting your mind between the stars thanks to the soft twist of the Mezcaleria margarita.